Visual Studio Professional Renewal Promo Code

Visual Studio Professional Subscription Promo Code 2017
Get upto 40% OFF on Visual Studio Professional 2017 Renewal
End Date  2018-06-11

Visual Studio Promo Code has received exclusive special offers on the new Visual Studio 2017, to make buying the new product versions as affordable as possible for designers.

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Cloud subscriptions

With our new cloud subscriptions you can rent Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services, and the subscriber benefits you need without a long-term contract. Billing is handled through your Microsoft Azure subscription, supporting credit card payment, purchases through the Enterprise Agreement contract, and soon through Cloud Solution Provider partners. If you don’t have an Azure subscription yet, no worries—it’s free to set up and you can do this while you make your first purchase.

Standard subscriptions

While we’ve recently dropped the “with MSDN” from the names of our main Visual Studio subscriptions, these are the same subscriptions that we’ve offered for years through software resellers on multi-year Microsoft Volume Licensing contracts, and directly through the Microsoft Store online. In most cases for standard subscriptions you will be buying Visual Studio, not renting.

Cloud vs. Standard subscriptions

Standard and cloud subscriptions differ in only a few ways:


  • New vs. renewing subscription price
    • First subscription term (New) costs significantly more than later (Renewal) terms
    • Same price each term
  • Committed subscription term
    • Typically 36 months for most
    • 24 months for Open License program purchases
    • 12 months for Microsoft Store purchases
    • Monthly or annual
  • Purchased using your Azure account, with or without other Azure services
    • No
    • Yes
  • Purchased via Resellers or via Microsoft Store
    • Yes
    • No
  • Purchased via Cloud Solution Providers (CSP)
    • No
    • Coming soon


  • Includes subscriber benefits
    • Yes
    • Yes for annual
    • No for monthly
  • After the subscription expires, can use the software that was available during the active subscription term (“perpetual” use rights)
    • Yes in most cases No when purchasing through Enterprise Subscription Agreement, Open Value Subscription, Campus Agreement, or other “subscription” contracts
    • No


  • Modes of unlocking Visual Studio from trial (Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise are always installed as a trial to start)
    • Sign in or enter a product key to unlock
    • Sign in only
  • Must connect to the Internet to check license status at least once every 30 days
    • No, when a product key is used to unlock
    • Yes, when signed in to unlock
    • Yes

Standalone License

If all you need is the current version of Visual Studio Professional, you can make a one-time standalone license purchase. If you need new versions of Visual Studio Professional, access to Visual Studio Team Services, or have short-term needs then the Visual Studio Professional monthly subscription may be a better option.